Practitioner or carer can pass the tube without the need for specialist equipment or planning. viagra de 5 mgr Rationale 2: the appearance of the tube may lead to unwanted attention from strangers and may be unacceptable to parents and children, particularly teenagers, whose self-esteem and body image are vulnerable. Rationale 3: regular re-insertion is traumatic for the child and family. Rationale 4: aspiration may occur when a tube is not correctly placed in the stomach, allowing feed to enter the lungs. This may lead to serious respiratory tract infection. Rationale 5: it is necessary to secure the tube with a suitable tape. Rationale 6: a gastrostomy is hidden under clothing and the tube is less likely to migrate from its gastric position, reducing the risk of aspiration and associated infection. Rationale 7: to ensure that informed consent is obtained as the procedure is distressing for the child and family. Rationale 8: to ascertain that the child understands the procedure and to explore fears, past experiences and preconceptions. viagra sales mail Rationale 9: to preserve the child's bedroom/space as a safe environment, free of painful or unpleasant procedures. viagra de 5 mgr Rationale 10: to ensure the child's stomach is empty, reducing the risk of vomiting during the procedure. Rationale 11: to avoid the child's whole attention being focused on the traumatic episode. viagra online Rationale 12: this will enable an informed choice being made as to which tube is the most appropriate to use. how to buy generic viagra Rationale 13: the hard plastic material can cause irritation or discomfort to the skin and lining of the nose and oesophagus. The gastric juices cause the tube to become hard, resulting in a risk of perforation. cheapest generic viagra Rationale 14: they are softer and are therefore more comfortable for the patient, and cause less irritation and difficulty when swallowing. order viagra Rationale 15: drinking or sucking may assist passage of the tube. canadian drugs generic viagra Rationale 16: to involve the child and to let them have some contol over the procedure. Rationale 17: to ease removal of the guide wire following insertion. Rationale 18: this may affect the ph reading. viagra price singapore Rationale 19: to avoid risk of perforation. Rationale 20: the tube may have passed into trachea. Rationale 21: polyurethane tubes can be reused when they fall out, provided they are reinserted immediately and are still serviceable. Rationale 22: to provide an accurate record of the procedure and because the measurement can be used in the future to ascertain whether the tube has migrated. Rationale 23: to change the fluid level in the stomach. Rationale 24: the stomach may be empty. Rationale 25: the tube can be in the oesophagus and be mistaken for being in the stomach. Rationale 26: the tube could enter the cranial cavity. Rationale 27: this can occur if the tube is.