Uw-madison home news from uw-madison search term: submit search: uw-madison > news > stem cells hint at potentia... Stem cells hint at potential treatment for huntington's disease march 15, 2012 by terry devitt huntington's disease, the debilitating congenital neurological disorder that progressively robs patients of muscle coordination and cognitive ability, is a condition without effective treatment, a slow death sentence. viagra manufacturer coupon But if researchers can build on new research reported this week (march 15, 2012) in the journal cell stem cell, a special type of brain cell forged from stem cells could help restore the muscle coordination deficits that cause the uncontrollable spasms characteristic of the disease. A gaba neuron made from human stem cells in the lab of university of wisconsin-madison neuroscientist su-chun zhang. viagra without prescription Gaba neurons are the brain cells whose degradation causes huntington’s disease, a condition characterized by severely degraded motor function, among other things. generic viagra online from india Zhang and his colleagues have shown that the severe motor deficits observed in a mouse model of huntington’s can be corrected by implanting the lab made cells. viagra generic (image: su-chun zhang) "this is really something unexpected," says su-chun zhang, a university of wisconsin-madison neuroscientist and the senior author of the new study, which showed that locomotion could be restored in mice with a huntington's-like condition. buy viagra cheap Zhang is an expert at making different types of brain cells from human embryonic or induced pluripotent stem cells. In the new study, his group focused on what are known as gaba neurons, cells whose degradation is responsible for disruption of a key neural circuit and loss of motor function in huntington's patients. Gaba neurons, zhang explains, produce a key neurotransmitter, a chemical that helps underpin the communication network in the brain that coordinates movement. In the laboratory, zhang and his colleagues at the uw-madison waisman center have learned how to make large amounts of gaba neurons from human embryonic stem cells, which they sought to test in a mouse model of huntington's disease. The goal of the study, zhang notes, was simply to see if the cells would safely integrate into the mouse brain. viagra for women side effects To their astonishment, the cells not only integrated but also project to the right target and effectively reestablished the broken communication network, restoring motor function. The results of the study were surprising, zhang explains, because gaba neurons reside in one part of the brain, the basal ganglia, which plays a key role in voluntary motor coordination. viagra canada online But the gaba neurons exert their influence at a distance on cells in the midbrain through the circuit fueled by the gaba neuron chemical neurotransmitter. canada generic viagra "this circuitry is essential for motor coordination," zhang says, "and it is what is broken in huntington patients. best prices for viagra in canada The gaba neurons exert their influence at a distance through this circuit. Their cell targets are far aw. price comparison between viagra and viagra